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There Goes the Neighborhood!

There Goes the Neighborhood! is a four-day event series examining the everyday through street-level artistic interventions. The weekend's events will be based out of Agitprop space in North Park with the Bus as its satellite. Below is a list of highlights. For a complete schedule visit theregoes.org

Saturday May 29

Terrordactyls, Grrrld Cheez, The Preteens, Age of Collapse, Jivaro

Leaving from the World Beat Center in Balboa Park at 8pm

Meet the Bus, a mobile music venue that flips the notion of the touring rock band on its head by bringing the venue to the bands. Gather at 7pm in front of the World Beat Center in Balboa Park. The Bus leaves at 8pm for a driving show around San Diego.


Grrrld Cheez

The Preteens

Age of Collapse


Thursday June 3

The San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park and Agitprop space present the Summer Salon Series. The museum will stay open late Thursday 5-9pm while it showcases the works of local artists.

Vibrating Milk

San Diego Museum of Art
Balboa Park

A live audio/visual performance by Stephanie Lie and John Benson where milk is poured onto a pair of drums that are modified to act as amplifiers. The images are projected in real time as the milk reacts to modulations in tone and light, effectively drawing with sound. Vibrating Milk begins at 7pm sharp inside the museum.

Music and performances by Ash Smith and Bill Wesley will start off the evening in the Bus from 5-7pm while it is parked in front of the museum.

Art, Neighborhood and Gentrification

San Diego Museum of Art
Balboa Park

A panel discussion on the role of artists and art institutions in the development of local communities. Panelists include councilmember Todd Gloria, architect Ted Smith, gallerist/artist Lynn Susholtz, and artist Susy Bielak.

Friday June 4

Mission:Valley, Innerds, Riververb

Leaving from Agitprop space at 8pm
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Hop on the Bus at Agitprop at 8pm and join us for a mobile music show around North Park and downtown San Diego.



Saturday June 5

Brunch and Talk at the Chicken Pie Shop

Chicken Pie Shop
2633 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego

Join us for brunch and an artist talk at the Chicken Pie Shop. Joan Donovan presents a workshop on how to design, publish and distribute a fake newspaper.

Bicycle Tour of Thrift Stores

Leaving noon sharp from the North Park Community Park at the corner of Howard Ave. and Oregon St.

Artist Joe Yorty leads a bicycle tour of thrift stores throughout the North Park and Hillcrest neighborhoods.

Could ___ be a classroom?

Laundromats at University Ave. and 30th St.

Eddie Miramontes leads a silkscreening workshop at Get It Clean Laundromat and Lucky Coin Laundry at University Ave and 30th St. near Santos Market.


Leaving from Agitprop space at 5pm
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Join Sean Francis Conway's DIY marching band Bombshell Boom Boom as we tour art events throughout San Diego. Stops include the opening of Here Not There at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, Sushi Performance and Visual Art in downtown San Diego and Technomania Circus in Barrio Logan.


Sunday June 6

Luncheon on the Grass

Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Be sure to join us on Sunday June 6th to kick off the day's events with a light brunch. See you at the park!

Turn Up Everything

Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Join Michael Trigilio for a DIY sound and electronics workshop at Agitprop. Build a miniature synthesizer with found materials and simple electronic components. Following the synthpack build, participants will take their noisemakers to the streets to conduct sound experiments in public places.

Materials and tools will be provided. To RSVP for the workshop, email contact [at] agitpropspace [dot] org

Homeland Security


Homeland Security is a walking tour of very local food production led by Leslie Ryan.

Yard by Yard

Starts at 28th St. and Upas St.

Lesley Stern leads a talk, followed by a walking tour of front yards, gardens and landscapes in San Diego. The tour begins at 28th St and Upas St.

Panel disucssion

Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Leslie Ryan, Lesley Stern, Bill Tall of City Farmers Nursery and Phil Noble of Sage Mountain Farm discuss issues of land use at Agitprop space.

Taking Up Space

Meet in the alley between University Ave and Lincoln Ave and 30th St and Ohio S

Taking Up Space is a New Orleans style procession through the streets of North Park by artist Jessica Sledge. Music composed by Philip Skaller. The procession ends with a musical performance at the vacant lot between Lincoln Ave + Polk Ave and Georgia St and Florida St. Wear red, black and silver.

Tati to the Streets

A performance by Micki Davis along the procession route that distills the everyday motions down to one symbolic gesture: the side walk trip.

Microcinema Film Screening

Curated by Cauleen Smith, an outdoor film screening is presented at the end of the procession route.


KTGN Radio

Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Tune into 104.1 FM to hear a broadcast from the neighborhood. Mike Lohr presents interviews with residents of North Park around the changes they would like to see in the neighborhood. Come into Agitprop on June 5-6 to share your views over the airwaves with Mike.

Free Space

ART Produce Gallery
3139 University Ave.

Free Space is an installation by architect Megan Willis that looks at disparate tactics for appropriating and reclaiming residual spaces in the urban landscape for both public and private use. Residual Spaces are interstices in the city that are abandoned, underutilized, leftover, liminal, and indeterminate. Free Space focuses locally on the residual spaces of C Street in downtown San Diego.

Brain Trust

Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Brain Trust asks you to become a participant and facilitator of future projects at Agitprop. The trust is established through Brain Blocks, small concrete sculptures that are equivalent in volume to an actual human brain. Brain Blocks when purchased act as sculptural stock in Agitprop. Sculptural shareholders will be asked for input and feedback on future projects, thereby establishing a local practice linked to a local network of individuals.


Agitprop space
2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.)

Throughout June 3-6 Agitprop will act as an informational kiosk for all of the events taking place as part of There Goes the Neighborhood. Stop in if you need a rest from the amazing events happening all weekend, pick up a refreshment and enjoy it in the artificial indoor park we've created which includes real grass! Blankets available for your picnicing pleasure!

There Goes the Neighborhood! • Thursday-Saturday June 3-6, 2010

Presented by Agitprop space • 2837 University Ave. (entrance on Utah St.) • San Diego, CA

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